Thursday, November 1, 2012

My new business crew HERBIVORE ATHLETICS 2012!

I am very excited to be building my own team. Aside from my constant support from class participants and clients, I have actual employees now. They aren't like, live and breathe for Herbivore Athletics, but they do work for me that is very necessary for this business to operate smoothly, and they get paid for it, and everything is awesome because of it.

My team basically consists of Audrey McDonald, Emi Tabb, and Mike Flemming. I also have business consultants, but they aren't employees, just knowledgeable gentlemen doing favors for younguns (me).
Billy, Mike, Emi at Verve 

Also, I will be updating more about my Beachbody coaching, which Audrey McDonald is getting me on the path to success with. Audrey is a fit coach that has had some amazing results with this program, so I've decided to become a coach also in order to better help people achieve their goals.
Coach Audrey

I think it's impressive when somebody makes before and after pics with real results. Not many people confidently take the BEFORE pic, assuming that they're going to have dramatic results. I did one too. I guess I'll show it off here. Wow this blog has gotten very off topic!
I suck at editing pictures, but am pretty good at editing body fat, eh? Eh?!

More about Beachbody soon. More action from my team soon. Thanks Emi and Mike for the hard work tonight. See you all soon.
Yours In Fitness, 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Syracuse Hardcore Legends Workout Out In Santa Cruz

XBilly PruzX and Adam Barton
Not that I was anyone special in the Syracuse Hardcore Scene (group of kids that went to punk and hardcore band concerts throughout the 90's and 2000's), but I put my fair share into going to shows and supporting bands and doing animal rights outreach at a variety of events from 2000 to 2009. Adam Barton, on the other hand, has a legacy of tattooing-greatness that has spread across the continental U.S. and on into other tattoo cultures overseas. I know dozens of people that have had Barton-inspired tattoos inked on them along with people who wish to one day have the same permanently placed on their bodies. I, for one, do not have any tattoos, but have utmost respect for those who chose to display beautiful art on their bodies in a mindful way. Lots of tattoos suck! But I think these here are pretty great.
Some of Adam's Past Tattoos

Adding Some Color To Someone's Life/Leg

Skulls are everywhere....AWESOME SKULLS are few and far between
That's all for today. I just wanted to share with you all the excitement that I feel when I meet somebody fascinating (and famous, in my OPP) while working out. Check out more of Adam's work at Adam Barton Tattoo or visit him at O'Reillys Tattoo in Santa Cruz!

...If you're just as interested in Billy Pruz as you are Adam Barton, you can check out Billy Prusinowski's Herbivore Athletics website here also :)

Friday, October 5, 2012


I have created my entire fitness business website, Herbivore Athletics, and found that despite the wealth of information I have about working out and lifting weights, the whole vegan thing is what fans are most interested in. A big part of my fitness is what I do in the gym! See above! Hard workouts 6 to 7 days a week are what I am most faithful to! The diet part- it's just life. 

Though, I would like to help people understand a little more about vegan muscle and vegan nutrition for muscle-building or mass-gaining. It's possible! If you haven't done any kind of research, check out Vegan Bodybuilding  for an online resource that a friend, Robert Cheeke, developed several years ago. Vegans have also recently taken the spotlight in CrossFit communities worldwide and have a motivational support group on Facebook called CrossFit Vegans and Vegetarians. I participate regularly in discussions on both of those sites, so feel free to say hello there and enjoy what all of us crazy vegans have to say about our health and fitness!

Here is the video that I created while doing some of my Herbivore Athletics nutritional coaching for a client earlier this summer. This video is Part I of II. 

Now go out and buy your: Kale, Seitan, Tofurky Italian Sausage, Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips and Trader Joe's Beef-Less Strips to cook up for this week's meals! You can do it too!

 Before you go, you can watch a video of more amazing things touching my tongue in this HOW TO EAT A FIG video!

Monday, October 1, 2012

HERBIVORE ATHLETICS is officially up and running!

My website HERBIVORE ATHLETICS is up and running as of today, October 1st, 2012. 

Thank you very much to all contributors, photographers, videographers and especially my web designer, Mike Flemming!

Check out the website now!

Along with this, we are offering a FREE Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing class tonight to celebrate the website's launch. I would be forever be indebted to you if you would share this site with your friends and family. It will grow just like our world's knowledge about longevity and our path of fitness and veganism helping us achieve it!

Much love everyone, 
Billy Bad Ass

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vegan Protein Recipe and Flat Belly Tips

You can find more vegan food ideas and information on my YouTube channel! Along with these videos gaining in popularity, Billy Bad Ass Flat Belly Tips are also gaining in popularity! Every week I get a request for more "workout tips." Well, I had a project in February called the Flat Belly Formula, which included meal-planning, phone-coaching and twice-a-week workouts with yours truly at Santa Cruz Power Fitness. Some of the ideas I championed throughout the Flat Belly Formula were put in print to save for future clients and inquirers. If you are on my email list, then you have been getting these EVERY SUNDAY. If you are not on the list and would like to be, please email for a subscription to an AWESOME compilation of fitness media, links to professional resources and fitness recommendations from Billy Bad Ass. From today and onward, I will start to repeat the Flat Belly Tips here on my Herbivore Athletics blog. Once a week or so, you will get one right here on the main page. Ready for your first one? This was created late spring of this year to help people start shredding up for summer. But the rules still apply and you can do this ANYTIME.

 Directions: Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do! This is the hardest part! When your alarm clock goes off at 6:15am and you're wishing you could hit snooze 3 times and get up at the usual 6:45...PICK YOUR A** UP! Swing your legs over the side of your bed, strap some shoes on and get outside. 20 minutes of AM cardio (brisk walking, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming) before you eat your first meal will spike your metabolism for hours. Immediately after this morning exercise, eat something. Whole foods are best, but whatever it is, don't skip breakfast! You are breaking your fast that you were in overnight. When you sleep, your body's metabolism drops like a ton of bricks. Foods eaten late at night barely digest and get stored as fat, and when you wake up, your metabolism needs a kick in the pants to get you going. Best practice for morning cardio: Pace your exercise in the "fat-burning heart rate" zone. What this is is 65% - 75% of your MHR (Maximal Heart Rate). Do you know what your MHR is? You have two choices here: A) Take 5 minutes and use your math skills on this site or B) just jog at a pace where you work up a light sweat; you should not be out of breath or sore afterwards- choose a pace slightly faster than half-speed and maintain that for the duration of your morning cardio. Different counsels recommend this for different numbers of days a week. I would say start with 3. Monday Wednesday Friday? Are you driven? Start tomorrow! Make it a simple walk if you've never done this before. Start small, start slow- progress is made one step at a time. Literally! Being outside and getting some fresh Santa Cruz ocean air in your lungs will elevate your mood and likely improve respiration too! There is a lot to gain from this, nothing to lose (except that extra 6.2 pounds)!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Competition Pics &

July 14th, 2012
San Jose Fit Expo
NPC Men's Physique Championship
Preparing to step on stage for my first time ever
Only the second year Men's Physique has been a division in
the NPC Bodybuilding Committee. Still not quite sure
exactly what we're supposed to be doing!
Just tried to get out there and have the best time we could.
Or at least overcompensate by smiling a ton.
The guy just behind me took 1st place!

Billy Prusinowski
13th place NPC Men's Physique 2012

Really grateful for everyone who showed me any support throughout my mental preparation and training for this. 12 weeks of competition dieting really made me miserable and sick. Thanks for sticking by and keeping me motivated. I didn't eat any meat for protein, and I didn't eat any cheese for comfort. Herbivore athletic training all day, erryday. Here is my feature on a great website called Vegan

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 NPC San Jose Men's Physique Bodybuilding Competition: DONE

I just made my first on-stage appearance at the 32nd EFX All-American NPC Bodybuilding Competition in San Jose, California on July 14th, 2012. It was a humbling experience, being next to some absolutely amazing guys with bodies about to lead them to magazine covers and seven-figure showbiz salaries.

Men's Physique 5'7" to 5'10" (I am fourth from the left)
Check those dudes out! The guy, Cameron, just to my right, was the overall winner and got his PRO CARD to compete in national level competitions for major winnings. I didn't place this year, but will keep honing my skill and muscles so that I can eventually rise to the top! It was a fun experience and I want to especially thank my friends for coming out to support me. Edgar, Oscar, Jessica, Jen, Melanie, Kim, Eric, Mike, Julie, Lorena, Ed, and especially Lauren. I know you guys all read this blog and I want to recognize you all for the ongoing support throughout my training and the ups and downs I've had struggling with sticking with it.

Eric, Jen, Billy, Jessica, Lauren, Kim, Mike, Oscar
Check out the TEAM BILLY shirts!

Mike, Julie, Lauren, Eric, Billy, Kim, Lorena, Jessica, Oscar

Billy and Leland representing the entire County of Santa Cruz
Leland and I lift together at Santa Cruz Power Fitness in Santa Cruz. Not too many people from that gym really follow the NPC circuit or choose to compete. Two guys who did last year decided to forego it this year, so I guess Leland and I had to walk to the walk! Not that it was easy or like anyone could do it- but I do think more people should strive to compete in some fashion. Enough guys sure walk around there acting like they are the champions of champions! Leland is the only one that can do that now though- he won his division: Men's Masters 50+ !!

Jay Cutler was talking to us competitors. He won Mr. Olympia five times!

Speaking of champions, ladies and gentlemen, Jay Cutler! This man is the most well-known bodybuilder on the planet, dwarfing even Arnold Schwarzenegger in stature AND size! Jay did not compete at this contest, but was there talking to friends and giving admonishments here and there. It was nice to see and meet him. Though, the next guy I got to meet happened to inspire me even more than Cutler did (ok, a LOT more).

Greg Plitt, a man of a thousand inspirational words
I just discovered Greg Plitt recently- merely having only recognized his face (and abs) from magazine covers and tv commercials (BowFlex, Right Guard deodorant, Under Armour) from years past. I was sitting at a post-Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing gathering and we all passed around a YouTube video of this man doing incredible physical feats. Turns out it was Greg Plitt, model and actor, who has been credited with motivating and inspiring people facing all kinds of trials and tribulations in their lives.

" Working out in the gym isn't as much a transformation of your physical body as it is a transformation of your mental confidence. " 

If you need any further inspiration for your day or to help you achieve your goals:

I will be there one day! With this kind of support, who wouldn't? I really love you guys. Thanks again for all the support from start to finish.

Team Billy Bad Ass

Friday, July 6, 2012

Billy Prusinowski: One week from first competition. FINAL TRAINING LOG.

I do strength training around noon everyday. Then maybe again around 730pm.

Cardio every morning at 630am. Again at night at around 9pm.

This is getting hectic. My last week of meals is meticulously planned, and I will show you exactly what's up here.
Chris Aceto

"When tweaked precisely, the result is a temporary super-hard look on par with that of a dialled-in bodybuilder. No water retention, no bloating, just crisp definition. Competitive bodybuilders are notorious for radically changing their physiques in as few as 7–9 days. During the final stretch before a competition, many follow a system called “carbohydrate depleting and loading”. This involves radically restricting carbs, then reverting back to a very high carb intake. The process empties the muscles of carbohydrate reserves only to load them back up."Chris Aceto is a well-known pre-contest expert that I chose to follow to the T for my last week. He says about his training/meal planning:

So here is what I'm choosing to do: (as per my entirely vegan coach, Ed Bauer's food advice)


(Summary: 40-70g carbs, 275g protein, 2200 cals, 128oz. water, 2x normal salt)

830am: 1 serving Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips, 1/4c Raw Mixed Nuts

1030am: 1/4c blueberries, 1/4 almonds, 1 serving protein + 1/8c coconut shreds (in shake), 24oz water

12pm: 1 serving protein + 1 tbsp flax oil, 24oz water

Workout/Strength Training 1 hour, 24oz water

2pm: 1 serving protein + 12g glutamine, 20oz water

300pm: 1 Tofurky Italian Sausage, 1 serving steamed broccoli, 16oz water

600pm: 1 serving baked Hi-Protein Tofu, 1 serving steamed kale, 16oz water

900pm: 1 serving protein, 1/4c Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 16oz water

How many times I will be refilling my 20oz cup!

(Summary: 40-70g carbs, 275g protein, 2200 cals, 128oz. water, 2x normal salt)

630am: 1 serving Emerge from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

730am: 1 serving Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips, 1/4c Raw Mixed Nuts

930am: 1/4c blueberries, 1/4 almonds, 1 serving protein + 1/8c coconut shreds (in shake), 24oz water

1045am: 1 serving protein + 1 tbsp flax oil, 24oz water

1230pm: 1 serving Emerge from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Workout/Strength Training 1 hour, 24oz water

230pm: 1 serving protein + 12g glutamine, 20oz water

400pm: 1 Tofurky Italian Sausage, 1 serving steamed broccoli, 16oz water

Workout/Cardio Kickboxing 1 hour

700pm: 1 serving baked Hi-Protein Tofu, 1 serving steamed kale, 16oz water

1000pm: 1 serving protein, 1/4c Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 16oz water

Hand-written FINAL WEEK Game Plan


(Summary: 40-70g carbs, 275g protein, 2200 cals, 128oz. water, 2x normal salt)

630am: 1 serving Emerge from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

730am: 1 serving Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips, 1/4c Raw Mixed Nuts

930am: 1/4c blueberries, 1/4 almonds, 1 serving protein + 1/8c coconut shreds (in shake), 24oz water

1045am: 1 serving protein + 1 tbsp flax oil, 24oz water

1230pm: 1 serving Emerge from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Workout/Strength Training 1 hour, 24oz water

230pm: 1 serving protein + 12g glutamine, 20oz water

400pm: 1 Tofurky Italian Sausage, 1 serving steamed broccoli, 16oz water

Workout 1 hour

700pm: 1 serving baked Hi-Protein Tofu, 1 serving steamed kale, 16oz water

1000pm: 1 serving protein, 1/4c Raw Pumpkin Seeds, 16oz water

Wednesday through Friday we add carbohydrates

(Summary: 500-700g carbs, 170g protein, 2500 calories, 192oz. water, no sodium)
**Drop Sodium, re-introduce carbohydrates, tons of water**

630am: 1 serving Emerge from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

730am: 1 cup steel cut oats + 1 serving protein powder + 1/2c blueberries + 1 tbsp flax oil + 1 tbsp Agave Syrup

915am: 2 servings soy curls, 1 cup quinoa, 2 tbsp fruit preserves

1045am: 2 servings soy curls, 15oz sweet potato, 2 rice cakes

1230pm: 1 serving protein, 2 Larabars, 2 rice cakes, 8oz sweet potato

330pm: 1 cup brown rice, 1 serving baked Hi-Protein Tofu

530pm: 2 Larabars

Workout/Cardio Kickboxing 1 hour (go easy, don't deplete carbs [glycogen in muscle])

730pm: 1 serving protein + 1 tbsp almond butter, 8oz sweet potato

Almost to Friday! Simple carbohydrates again finally!

(Summary: 500-700g carbs, 170g protein, 4000 calories, 160oz water, no sodium)

730am: 1 cup steel cut oats + 1 serving protein powder + 1/2c blueberries + 1 tbsp flax oil + 1 tbsp Agave Syrup

915am: 2 servings soy curls, 1 cup quinoa, 2 tbsp fruit preserves

1045am: 2 servings soy curls, 15oz sweet potato, 2 rice cakes

1230pm: 1 serving protein, 2 Larabars, 2 rice cakes, 8oz sweet potato

330pm: 1 cup brown rice, 1 serving baked Hi-Protein Tofu

530pm: 2 Larabars

730pm: 1 serving protein + 1 tbsp almond butter, 8oz sweet potato

1000pm: 2 rice cakes, 2 tbsp almond butter, 1 Clif Builder bar


(Summary: I AM THERE. I won't get fat in 24 hours, time to eat some simple carbs!)

730am: Cereal, French Toast, Raisins

930am: Bagel Sandwich

1045am: 2 servings soy curls, 8oz sweet potato, 2 rice cakes

12pm: STOP ALL WATER! No drinking anything until after the competition.

3pm: 2 servings soy curls, 8oz sweet potato

5pm: Whatever as long as it's no sodium!


Game day! I will be exhausted, I am exhausted from just writing this blog! Time to rest, both now and after this insane week of dieting. I hope your goal-achievement is going according to schedule. Summer weight loss goals are popular to embark upon, to say the least. Sticking with them more than 2 days? That is the challenge. My best of luck to you, and hopefully you'll see me somewhere on the homepage of the National Physique Committee (NPC) after I kick butt in the July 2012 San Jose Men's Physique Competition!

More on Chris Aceto here.
                                                          More on Ed Bauer here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



 I love to show Julie off because 1) She is a strict adherent to regular serious workouts and 2) She is also a strict adherent to PLANT-BASED NUTRITION. Not only that but she looks great and is a pleasure to work for. This was after a workout at Acadia Fitness in Santa Cruz this past week and she just had to talk a little about her tremendous dedication, and now is the chance for the world to see. I hope this entry gets close to 1,000 views like some of the more recent ones have. Use Julie Bogner as an example of forward-thinking and commitment to living the best life you can lead.

This is what inspired me to offer my newest version of "Billy's Boot Camp"

Here's my idea: (If you are in the Santa Cruz or Bay Area, please consider yourself invited to this upcoming Billy's Boot Camp, because it's not just an idea- it's definitely happening and SOON!)

This Friday at 6:15pm at Acadia Fitness in Santa Cruz:
We WORKOUT- We WORK HARD- 1 Full Hour: TRX, Cross Fit, MMA, High-Intensity Interval Training. If you want to come and "drop-in" it is $10, and it is the best way to start your weekend. This workout won't be any different than our usual Friday nights...but there is a twist.

After we workout from 6:15 to 7:15, we are going to add the nutrition part to our fitness regime. What personal trainers go and eat with clients? You can call me crazy, but this one does.

I have been getting tons of questions and comments about plant-based nutrition and nutrition in general. I figure that we can answer some questions and also enjoy some healthy food, all together, at the same time, by heading to a local eatery called Dharma's Restaurant and ordering some delicious dinner.

Why are we choosing Dharma's Restaurant:
1) Less then a ten minute drive from Acadia Fitness, so we will go there right after Billy's Boot Camp
2) Entirely PLANT-BASED menu
3) Lunch-Counter style, so you stand in line and pay for your own food and no one will be stuck arguing over the bill at the end of the meal!
4) I may be getting us all a $5 off coupon to use there (will try my best)

I am in no way affiliated with Dharma's Restaurant, but do appreciate their contributions to the vegetarian community and often patronize their establishment. They have free parking, public restrooms, tons of organic options, dairy and gluten-free options, and have a fun environment where even if we roll 25 deep, there will be plenty of room for us to put tables together and enjoy each other's company. 

The menu can be found here or you can just hear all the items recited by me :)
If you want recommendations for what to get, I will offer you some ideas as per what you are wanting to include in your diet and also as per your dietary restrictions. It's really just a regular restaurant, so don't be intimidated by the word "vegetarian" or "vegan" or "organic"- you will find tons of good stuff that sounds good and looks good and DAMN ME, IT SURE TASTES GOOD! I would recommend bringing $10-$15 to spend, and then a little extra if you want dessert ;) HEY, I'm not here to judge- their desserts are amazing, and if you just burned 500+ calories during Billy's Boot Camp about 20 minutes ago, then you're entitled!

So here's a recap:
FRIDAY, June 29th:
Acadia Fitness
121 Acadia Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
$10 per person
Dharma's Restaurant
4250 Capitola Rd, Capitola, CA
$check menu for prices, everyone pays their own way

Please RSVP to Billy at
If you have any questions, I will answer promptly, and we can figure it all out- would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE you come. Even if you're not a regular in my classes or a personal training client- it's just a workout and then just dinner **ALSO: You don't have to come to both! If you can't make dinner, or adversely, cannot come to the workout, that's fine! Let me know (even last minute) if you want to come to either**

Very Stok3d to jump into the realm of nutrition with you, 
Billy Bad Ass

Sunday, June 24, 2012


 January 8th, 2012 @ 200 lbs and 13.1% bodyfat
Down to about 7% bodyfat for competition day

This is a blog about my training. I have been a personal trainer since January 2010, and have made leaps and bounds in skill and knowledge of fitness and wellness since then. I've come to realize that your progress is made by setting goals. Currently, my goal is to compete against California's best physiques in the 2012 San Jose NPC Men's Physique Competition. My choice to do this was made because I run in circles of people who always say "Oh, I could step on stage any day and win a bodybuilding competition." I was also guilty of this, so I decided last October to live up to my bragging and see if I could really do it. This is not a lifetime commitment to being a bodybuilder or competitive athlete or fitness model, it's just my current goal. I am reaching for it and becoming a better and stronger athlete for it. Will I win? Maybe. Will I fall dead last? MAYBE! I am still enjoying every minute of training and enjoying looking my best at the peak of beach season! The competition is July 14th and this last month is the final shredding stage for me to look my best on that date for those judges and everyone coming out to support me. It's been a fun ride. This blog entry today is about what I do to train. 

Bodybuilding is 80% about what happens in the kitchen, 20% in the gym. My meal planning was done by Ed Bauer of EdBauerFit and PlantFit in Portland, OR. He is my vegan bodybuilding hero turned vegan crossfitting hero

Ed Bauer from NewEthic Vegan Strength and Conditioning

Strength training and mass building was coached by Ed Evans, long-time associate of Greg Glassman pre-dating official Cross Fit days. While I was bulking up several months ago, he pretested me and decided to prescribe me his design called MASS PHASE III. It is not available online, but is an amazing Excel file he created with 28 weeks of workouts, 3 days on, 1 day rest, gradually increasing weight, decreasing rest, following an undulated periodization model. Many of the body parts were hit twice a week, but if they were, it was with different exercises and repetition ranges. Periodization is sometimes viewed as "randomness" but the method of science behind it is genius. When we used to do less weight on one exercise, we would do a supplemental exercise that same day that would push the muscle that usually pulls and get a phenomenal antagonistic muscle group development. (yes, many of these things took me a few years to finally truly understand) Anyway, I just mean to say his MASS PHASE III was well-timed and helped me pack on several pounds of muscle and increase my absolute maximal strength.

Brown rice and weight gainer ALL DAY ER'RY DAY
Those 28 weeks were grueling, but changing it up from "bulking" to "cutting" has been even worse! The workouts aren't dealing with as much weight, but the dieting is insane. Before I get into that, I will give links to a few of the routines I've been following to make the final tweaks to my deltoids, bis and tris and obliques. Those are the parts I will really be judged on in the physique division, and the ones I'm hitting 3x per week now. Along with MASS PHASE III, I have done:

Bodybuilding questions cannot be answered in a few sentences between sets at the gym. I've been that teenager asking the big guys and shredded gals questions about "How did you develop THAT?" time and time again. Some of the time they were nice and said, "Well, try this exercise..." But I realize now that trying that one exercise is not how they got to where they were. It took so much more than that. The real answer to my question would have to start out with, "Ok, well here was my goal at 26 weeks out, once I chose an exact date to achieve it, then I broke it down into bulking and cutting, during bulking I did this and this and this, then now during cutting I am doing this and this, but only when I do this and this and haven't done this and this"

Honestly that's how it is. My workouts are determined by my supplement timing, which is determined by my meal timing, which is determined by my sleep schedule. And that changes every single day! It's really a strategy of hours and calories and math.

This morning I had a large focus on serious AM cardio because my coach (Ed Bauer) said I needed to be doing at least 40 minutes of it pre-breakfast to get my body in the proper fat-burning zone. So I set my alarm last night, subtracted 9 hours from that, decided on what time I needed to be getting to sleep, then timed my night time protein shake to be taken so it would have the exact amount of time to metabolize while awake before it digested slowly over night and so on and so forth with the PM supplements and...I'm just going to post a picture of my powders. So you have some understanding of how many micronutrients and vitamins and concentrated superfoods I'm taking currently.

Creatine, Carnitine, Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, Flax Oil, 
2 kinds of Caffeine Anhydrous and 2 kinds of Protein

Here is my defense of my decision to take so many supplements and spend a great deal of 1) Time researching and understanding what they all can do and are doing for me and 2) Money to keep buying them:

Can you get protein, amino acids (lysine, glutamine, carnitine, arginine) and creatine from foods? Yes. Do I want to eat 88 Brazil Nuts and 6 bags of flax seeds a morning? No. I'm training to look the best I've ever looked in my entire life in a month, and try to look better than tons of other guys who are training to do the same. Getting the proper doses of these foods to maximize my lean muscle mass is what I'm going to do. And yes, once these tubs are empty, I'm taking a month off!

That all being said- that was just my tubs of powder. Ready for my pills and vitamins? I also take a slew of these to reduce inflammation (2-3 workouts everyday will cause it), defend against illness and blood fibrins, keep a healthy gut and digestion rates amicable (need to process all of the food I eat), and keep my brain functioning top notch to tell all of the other systems to fire properly. 
Here is my totality of vitamins and supplements that I currently take. They are all timed exactly per how the instructions recommend, and not a penny was wasted on something I didn't know how to use or what to use it for. Also, thank you again to my Aunt Marusia Marrapese from Lori's Natural Foods in Rochester, NY who educated me on several of these products and hooked me up with the dosing I needed to maintain my health while striving for this goal. Part of my training included serious running where developed a bone chip and she promptly sent me a package with a barrage of Serrapeptase, Silica, Magnesium and Lysine to help heal it. Ya know what? The injury was sustained on April 7th and I have not had any pain after the 6 week mark of holistically healing by her recommendation and supplements. Thank you so much Aunt Marusia!

Multi-Vitamins, Testosterone Booster, Serrapeptase, Thermogenics

A towering view of my supplement regime as I train in my last 4 weeks to competition

This grouping is thanks to companies who sample out their products to folks like me who are "friends of friends" or "relatives of friends" and are also striving to achieve athletic prowess on "restricted" diets (plant-based, gluten-free, diabetic, etc)

Ethan Borg is a colleague of Marusia Marrapese and helped me implement Qi Infusions
to my natural healing for my bone chip. Thank you for sending these infusions, Ethan!
Giacomo Marchese from have me several samples of Sun Warrior  and Vega
performance powders to share with my client-base and experiment with during training. Thanks G!
I am not the only one who takes pictures of all of the supplements they use! Check out some of the pictures that had its users send to their forum!

There are a ton of supplements that help herbivores achieve their muscle-building goals without the consumption of animal products, but there are also tons of supplements that are just concentrated animal products themselves. Sometimes you can be confused and wondering if this capsule is vegetarian or not, or whether this gylcerin is the vegetable kind or not...
I am not the guru about products being vegan or not. If it is not stated on the bottle, I would suggest calling the customer support line to find out where all of their ingredients are from. My barrage of supplements now is pretty well-researched and took a closer look at some of the bottles and found some easy things to look for if you're looking to be strictly plant-based with your choices in supplements:

Along with this company being herbal supplements, they
are sure to mention that they use "Vegicaps" (meaning
from vegetables and not animal gelatin)

"no potential animal contamination and no animal by-product source"
(see the very middle of the image)

"suitable for vegetarians"


"Raw Vegan"
(raw means uncooked, and never heated above 116 degrees)
So that's what real training is like. The two hours I just took to write this was between my AM cardio, and my mid-day strength training workout. I ate some almonds and soy protein while I typed and uploaded pictures, and now I'm ready for my pre-workout shake with Creatine in it. Just another day following my instruction sheet:

I I've told you everything I do and all of it is public information - anything else and I'd have to kill you :) I am doing this competition, already with the future in mind (no more bodybuilding competitions for a WHILE) and going to plow on through summer very goal-driven. I hope you do the same, and I am here for you! My training business Herbivore Athletics is cranking as strong as ever- offering group exercise classes in the Santa Cruz area, personal training all throughout the Bay Area, and nutrition coaching. My website is on its way to being up and rolling in the next few weeks.

Happy #PRIDE day everyone. Best in health and life enjoyment, Billy Prusinowski
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Friday, June 22, 2012

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That is a picture from our first class at the new studio! My photographer took a ton of candid shots that I never published. I thought I'd just toss one in right there. Thanks, fitness models!!
If you want to see even better footage of  of everyone in full effect over the past 2 years of Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing, please view it on my YouTube channel (which has NUMEROUS videos of amazing classes and clients working their asses off). Or watch it right here!

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Monday and Wednesday @ 6pm
Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center
1060 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some fantastic people in our progressive movement! (totally funky ones too)

I met the purdy lady on the right here in 2009 when I was in Tampa, Florida.

I worked for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals doing outreach about why an herbivore diet was a healthy decision for people and animals. Her name is Kortney, and at the time, she was an avid runner and very weary of vegetarian eating. What do ya know! It was my job to spark educated conversations with inquisitive young folks like these and really let them know the facts about meat-production.

Long story short, our conversation will go down in my personal history as a fantastic success, because Kortney went vegetarian soon after, then went vegan, then married a vegan, then met another vegan with a vegan husband and decided to start Vegan Housewives. This progression and this vision has turned into something quite wonderful and whimsically educational.

     "We have a passion for vegan food, arts & crafts, and all things vintage, but have found that things can get a bit pricey. Often times, recipes call for ingredients that we (the well-versed chefs that we are) have never heard of. Maybe we lack credibility because our vocabularies don’t contain edible ingredients that we are unable to pronounce, but we like to think we are not alone in this. Our mission is to create (& re-create) recipes that are simple, cheap and vegan (yet carnivore friendly), as well as show the world that being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!"

Without posting the entire contents of the site on here (which I wish I could! the stuff is pure gold and insightful and delicious) I will simply put a quick synopsis and link to my favorite parts (the remarkably delicious, totally meat and dairy-free RECIPES!)

So here we go, more discussion about food! Food you ask?? On a fitness blog? Well, nutrition is a huge part of maintaining health and wellness. Fitness is an advanced and ultimate level of wellness; you're not just well, you're fit. Fit for daily functioning, fit for optimal energy utilization, fit to work out with Billy Bad Ass and love every minute of it. I will be as bold as to say being fit is grounded in your nutrition (honestly, not the gym, more like the kitchen). This is why I chose to keep my nutrition plant-based, and I think my lucky stars there are others working towards making these plant-based diets exciting and delicious. Here is one for their Vegan BLT

Instead of bacon (this is me talking), they use tempeh, which is a fermented soy product, high in protein and amazing digestibility (because of the fermentation). Also the greens on this include spinach, which would make it a BST, but for health purposes- spinach is a far more nutrient-dense green than lettuce is. I can't wait until I have my next Vegan BLT!

Once you eat your veggies, try their Vegan Strawberry Smoothie!

Now, my commentary about this one will include my admission that, yes, this is going to be high in sugar. But ya know what? I know this great Cardio Kickboxing class where you need a lot of blood glucose to power you through, and you can burn 600-1000 calories per class! Have you ever seen how freakin' cool Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing is? Watch below (this is my segue from Kortney's amazing Vegan Housewives site and onto more subject matter. Thanks for all you do for herbivores, Kortney!)



I would like to showcase another amazing herbivore, Toni, who I met at a hardcore music show in Half Moon Bay, California almost two years ago. She was selling vegan cupcakes and baked goods, and I had to get me some. This mission to eat delicious dairy-free cupcakes helped spark a conversation between us that ended up turning into a fantastic networking, because she is another talented vegan with an awesome website called PlantBased On A Budget

Just wait until you see some of the stuff she makes! Here is one that looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go shopping for the ingredients so I can make it and eat it as a power meal after my next workout!

This website of hers (and her contributing team) is very detailed. If you are really looking for a delectable and healthful dinner to cook and learn about, this website is worth a try. They explain skill level for how crafty you need to be in the kitchen, and ratings of the meals themselves. Ok, back to the food talk: 

Now, tofu is a mainstay in my diet because of its very high protein content and low fat and carbohydrates. It is almost identical to lean meats as far as its Daily Recommended Values (the things you see on the side of the package). I eat it for dinner over a bed a kale almost every night as my last meal. Especially during these last few weeks of “cutting” before my NPC Men’s PhysiqueCompetition where I really can’t be ingesting carbohydrates into the afternoon or evening (more explanation of cutting in my next blog).

Anyway, let’s not concentrate on the miserable parts of competition bodybuilding…let’s rev up our metabolism by just staring at this and thinking about delicious meals that are light on the environment and light on your digestive system (so you can work out better and not get become fatigued easily). 

“Shop around the edges" of grocery stores to find these items. You can follow that grocery store rule and find yourself getting leaner by the day. Filling your cupboards with healthy, whole foods will inhibit your quickly grabbing processed garbage, because it won’t be in your house! This processed garbage is found up and down the aisles in grocery stores, not along the sides. Shop along the sides and find yourself in better health.

I absolutely love the way these delicious and darling folks at 
Plant Based On A Budget look at things. I will leave you today with my 
sentiments on herbivore eating, which they so eloquently echo on their website:

"Though all of our recipes are plant based, we’re not advocating a political agenda, and we’re not making a list of Things You Shouldn’t Eat. We’re just a bunch of people who love food and cooking, and want to share some of the recipes and tips we’ve learned along the way.
More than anything, we think that everyone should be able to cook delicious, healthy food without spending a fortune. That’s the goal of this site: plant based, on a budget."

Billy's final thoughts today: As I grow as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I have recently come upon two opportunities to really involve myself in the nutrition end of my clients' fitness. Herbivore Athletics is my all-encompassing fitness/wellness project and I am now officially offering nutritional coaching, including shopping, preparing, cooking and teaching for clients. It's pretty cool, I keep it entirely plant-based, and my clients are having great successes. Thanks to Kortney from Vegan Housewives, to Toni from Plant Based On A Budget, and to Ed (my nutritional coach) from

To help further promote and advocate for the Herbivore Athletics project, please view my latest video of Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing (below), and LIKE my facebook page! Also, please YELP about it if 1) you've taken one of my classes or boot camps or 2) if you have supportive commentary about the educational and motivational material I put on this website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3