Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy (Rainy) Halloween/Buy Vegan Protein

Throughout this California 2014 Drought, every day has been scary because the people I see on a regular basis are concerned for our environment and the Central California Coast agricultural communities. Along with this scare comes certainty that at least we can enjoy everything outdoors...because we won't be getting rained on. It's been like this since January. And now, October 31st, the night that most of us celebrate's pouring.

If the Santa Cruz Halloween Night Parade/Street Party doesn't go down, my hope is that you all get a little cuddle-time with the hottest zombie on the block and eat some Trader Joe's Vegan Pumpkin Rolls :)

Pacific Ave. Downtown Santa Cruz Halloween Party
VEGAN PROTEIN! Nothing sounds sweeter than hearing the words vegan and protein come out of somebody's mouth in the same sentence. When those beautiful words are spoken, I know we're speaking the same language!

Getting into fitness after several years of already being vegan and an animal rights activist, my web searches were less about CRUSHING THE FUR TRADE and more about CRUSHING WEIGHTS IN THE GYM. Guess which one turned out to be more depressing to search? CRUSHING WEIGHTS IN THE GYM! Why? Because all these meatheads offer a "my way or the highway" attitude toward nutrition. 

Out of nowhere comes advice from a vegetarian that I hardly knew, to check out That was a kick in the pants "No WAY" kinda moment. There is a website called Vegan Protein? This I have got to see. 

So I saw it. Loved it. Supported it. 10 years or so have gone by, yadda yadda yadda, and now you can order from their site by clicking on my face :)

Click dem sexy mufuggas to buy dat tanktop!

It's a great website and great company. Supporting them is supporting independent business, and spending against animal cruelty. Any vegan or vegetarian that hasn't seen VeganProteins yet is definitely in for a treat. Buy all of your supplements and nutrition information from them and hit the ground running in the plant-built muscle game!

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