Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day: Doing Interviews to Be Posted in Days To Come

A friend from the Syracuse Straight Edge Community of days past came through Santa Cruz on his travels up and down the Left Coast. Was nice to see an old face and reminisce about our vegan mafia mayhem and the bands and the shows, etc. Viva La 315 Hardcore. We snapped a quick pic after downing our Vega protein shakes in my kitchen. Great workout at the Santa Cruz gym that won't be named :)

Sean O'Grady and Billy Pruz
Interviews with other hardcore kids who have started new endeavors upcoming. As well as interviews with a competitive powerlifting athlete who I like to call my friend and an inspiration. Stay tuned and blog more!

Off for a Veteran's Day bike ride with my lady. Adios and enjoy your day off :)

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