Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cheating, Sexism, YouTube, Porn

The video where the boyfriend lures his girlfriend inside his house with a blindfold on, only to give her the Valentine's Day "gift" of stalker pictures of her cheating on him disgusts me.

I saw this on a bodybuilding forum, where most people commenting were in favor of the boyfriend/creator of this video. Now, in case you don't know, what happens is that this boy sets up a trap for his girlfriend to get embarrassed and shamed specifically for a YouTube video. The entire time he is taping (with his camera sideways....idiot) and using the most bro-ish language one could possibly use to set up this poor girl for a prank. The prank is that he finally ends up showing her a picture of her cheating on him, which she sees and then gets screamed at by the boyfriend to "get the fuck out of the house."

First, the title of this video reminded me of the genuinely funny video from a couple years back of the guy faking his girlfriend out and saying he cheated, only to have her say, "It's ok, I cheated on you too." I dunno, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff, and that video didn't contain any terrible sexist bullshit, so I will say I'm a fan of it. I was incredibly wrong to assume that this video was going to be funny or worthwhile to watch. Honestly, I think the boyfriend AND his roommate both think they achieved "viral" status on YouTube by creating this awful video. The entire end is them saying things like "slut" and "whore" to this girl in order to make them seem cool for this video they were so excited to release. They both said, "This is going on YouTube!" <- That is a huge reason I'm so pissed off at these pieces of shit. And our entire sexist culture.

I saw a musical act last night and they played a song that I know was not on YouTube yet, so I whipped out my phone and videoed it while thinking to myself, "Yes, this is going to get me some views and subscribers!"

Watch my video after you read the rest! Brian Fallon is amazing :)

Isn't that what social media should be about? Posting things that will enrich or in some way educate our friends and followers about the world? I know we've strayed far away from that...but this video epitomizes the garbage mentality that so many of its viewers had.

The comments section makes me sick. It is a bodybuilding forum where everyone's avatar is a mirror selfie of their baby abs (most of these morons are late teens and early twenties) and they all talk in internet lingo! One that made me particularly sick was their use of the word "Alpha." Now, I have watched enough weightlifting channels to know that calling oneself "alpha" is a big compliment. It means the same thing as an alpha dog.

Right off the bat, one of these 18-19 year old "bodybuilders" said that the dudes who made the video were so alpha. More chimed in saying, "Alpha move, bro!" "Total Alpha!" If I had a nickel for how many times these novices misused that word that I am now so fucking sick of, I would be as rich as Donald Trump.

What these boys need explained to them is that an alpha dog doesn't disrespect women for YouTube fame. I know exactly what their thinking is. I've seen the Zyzz videos. I've seen the supplements called Alpha Amino and Alpha Pro. The gym bros that have the biggest muscles and get the most girls get called Alpha. Everyone, of course, wants to be the Alpha. Everyone actually thinks they are it.


I can sympathize with the confused state of mind a lot of them are in, because there is no one out there explaining that getting jacked and getting laid can be healthy, sex-positive, and empower all genders. What this piece of shit did to his girlfriend was not alpha at all. It was the supreme opposite, because he was acting on massive insecurity issues, taking someone else down to make himself feel more powerful. Did he get cheated on? Yes, I guess that is the premise of the video, so he has every right to be hurt. He has no right to practically kidnap this girl and videotape her being forced to endure his and his asshat roommate's verbal abuse. 

Another word that was used was "cuckold." Dude, that word has been made popular by Pornhub.com videos which feature a guy watching his significant other getting fucked by someone else. It's a strange word and will disappear into obscurity as quickly as it (sort of) appeared. Now, for the record, it was the girl's defenders that were using this word and its made-up derivatives: "cuck," "cuck'd" etc. I will give them a little credit for at least knowing who was in the wrong in this shitty video, but they are using words that they learned from porn! 

These guys, just like the others, are all between the ages of 16 and 26. (Goddamn I hope there isn't anyone older than that on those forums speaking like a little Generation Z internet troll. There probably is. They're probably our bosses at work. FML.) They get their education from internet posts and YouTube comments. I'm excited hoping that the day their social media posts stop getting LIKES, they may just enter the real world where literally no one will ever say the word "cuckold" outside of fetish porn. It was so weird hearing the guys who share my views on this shithead boyfriend trying to insult him by saying, "Looks like yr the 1 that got cuk'd bruh." I mean, use your words, guy.

My hope with this piece is that someone who is getting their education from comments on the internet will stumble across this and learn from my comments. This video was NOT a good idea. This girl did NOT learn any lesson. This prank did NOT make the guy more powerful. This did NOT set a good example for young men who need to learn how to grapple with infidelity/relationships/jealousy. 

Most of the time I make these blog entries when I am developing my ideas or political stances on current events. A lot of the time I am angry, and rather than punching someone or making a Facebook rant, I choose to develop my thoughts here. This entry was created out of my disgust for the way a lot of young guys are thinking nowadays. When one or two people think a certain way, I know I can't change every mind. But when asinine ideas are spreading through channels like these (the entire bodybuilding "scene") I am just afraid. I'm sure there have been more women mistreated and verbally abused by boys trying to emulate this video themselves. I feel for all of those victims, and I want all of these guys to rethink their lives. Don't be the next douchebag. Cheers.