Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My YouTube Series: Stroking My Beard

This was my foray into speaking on video about political issues when my home state (New York) increased its minimum wage. People spouted their backwards opinions about tax burdens, etc...well fuck them, listen to me in Stroking My Beard Episode 1.

Unedited, uploaded directly to YouTube via iPhone 5c

I didn't have an epic beard for most of my life. When I grew one, I had to Vlog about it. I had a new computer from my school to make some fun edits, so here is Episode 2.

Edited using iMovie on my MacBook

I was pissed off about entitled brats that are causing the kind of problems, that if left unchecked, will turn into the kind of adult bullshit that gets people, hurt, domestically abused, sexually harassed, etc. I don't know when or how little fucks like these need to be put in check; I am in no place to do it when I'm outside of my classroom. I couldn't use my words in this situation should just watch the video to see what's up.

Recorded with my GoPro Hero 3, edited and uploaded via Windows Live Movie Maker

My mother is an advocate for immigrants, who raised a son with a big heart, and an even bigger mouth. This is a well-researched piece about Donald Duck's failed plan to ban Muslims from the United States. Also giving some love and shout-outs to Syracusans who aren't afraid to fight fascism with logic and love. 

Recorded with my HP laptop camera, uploaded with Windows Live Movie Maker

This is the end of my Stroking My Beard series. Episode 5 is footage of me shaving the epic beard. My students see me in school every day and finally convinced me to shave that shit. Then, of course, as soon as I shaved it, the question was, "Mr. Pruuuuuuuzzz, why did you shave your beeeeeard?"

Recorded with iPhone 6, edited using WeVideo