Monday, February 13, 2012

Chest Day. Here in my blog, I will post notes about my own workout and the workout I hosted for my clients and folks enrolled in the Billy Bad Ass 28 Day Flat Belly Formula.

At noon I embarked on another bodybuilding day and isolated my chest. Incline bench, flat bench, decline bench, pec deck, cable flyes.

I am making a transition from the Hellraiser routines I've been following for the past month and soon into Ed Evans' bodybuilding routines. Today I had a spot from a big fella named Jeff who I always see smashing iron at Santa Cruz Power Fitness. He encouraged me to both widen my grip and go for more reps than usual. This was good advice for today, since I was feeling good, no injuries plaguing me, and didn't have to follow a super-strict rep set. I ended up inclining 8 reps of 185 then throwing dimes on each side and doing another set of 8 reps at 205, which is much higher a load than I've been repping out at.

Following incline, and still with Jeff, I did 205 on the flat bench for sets of 8 and had the power (I feel it was because of the wider grip) to do a ninth on the last set. My Hellraiser workouts have definitely helped me get this kind of capacity.

My cardio kickboxing class today was unfortunately very lackluster. Lower numbers than usual and I couldn't seem raise my OWN energy to that crazy level, so I don't know how I could raise everyone else's there. Though, despite my ragging on my own class, I am an extremely harsh critic. I have had a strong class for the past two years- this is the first time I'm blogging about it, but don't go thinking it's not a motivating and amazing experience or anything. Come anytime, Santa Cruz Power Fitness, Monday and Wednesday, 6pm.

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