Friday, February 17, 2012

Billy Prusinowski's Flat Belly Formula

Every Saturday, 3pm, Santa Cruz Power Fitness
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Here are some pictures of our first official FLAT BELLY FORMULA class. I was excited at the great turnout, participants were excited about the great music, if you come any of these upcoming Saturdays you will assuredly have a great time. 
Lorena and Mike doing COMBAT CRAWLS
Roxane and Lisa doing TRX deep squats
Why haven't you tried it with me yet? TRX certified trainer, Billy Bad is ready to teach you!
Gina, Kianna and Sarah at the isometric V-Hold station
Suzy and Lauren toning up with an isometric ab hold
Ending Saturday's class with weighted leg extensions
Even a better view! Amirite? 
Please join us and develop those glutes and FLAT BELLIES!

Footage of the ab station, the combat crawl station and the TRX stations with the music pumping in the background. Thanks to the beautiful Lauren Ligocki for the candid footage!

Weighted leg extensions to work the gluteus maximus, lumbar spine muscles and hamstrings. Don't drop that dumbell! We start from the beginning if it falls!

After class we embarked on the nutritonal arm of the FLAT BELLY FORMULA. 
Jack LaLanne and his juicer helped us nourish our depleted bodies with whole fruit and vegetable juice shots
"Who wants what?" 
We've got pear apple or carrot apple- fresh, local, organic and delicious
Shots! Enjoy pure, whole foods in juice form- not a better post-workout drink in the world
Shots! Cheers to all- to our health and flat bellies and long lives
Sarah on a path to lifelong health, good looks and true fitness

And if you didn't get the idea that I really wanted you to click on the Shots! links, I will offer it one more time so you can enjoy an entire video of my vegan friends and I taking Jack LaLanne juice shots!

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