Friday, February 24, 2012

Videos of isolation workouts (goal: bodybuilding) are boring

My YouTube  channel originated with my CrossFit workouts videotaped and posted to show my fitness friends back home in New York what I could now do with my newly discovered functional fitness. 2011 was definitely the year for CrossFit (in my life and in general) and this year, 2012, I am deciding to do a bodybuilding contest. The local nutrition shop, Max Muscle Santa Cruz hosts an event in San Jose every July and this year I am signing up for the physique class male division. Now, many people do not quite understand what I am doing.

Please check out this website.

 Here, the very first picture, you can see the winners of each of the divisions. I will be competing against the guy on the far right of the picture, NOT THE CENTER! Physique class is judged by:

Muscularity and Body Condition
  • Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition. This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down.
  • Stage Presence and Personality
    Contestants will be asked to walk in board shorts (shorts must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below the belly button, no spandex and no logos are permitted on the board shorts however a manufacturer’s logo such as Nike symbol or Billabongs are acceptable.) Competitors will enter the stage without a shirt and barefoot. No lewd acts allowed for example the moon pose. Judges are looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise who can successfully convey his personality to the audience.

Can I win this one in San Jose this year?

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