Sunday, March 4, 2012

13 Vegan Muscle-Building Meals!

I made this video a while back when I was focusing on my CrossFit workouts. Some who adhere to CrossFit follow the Paleo Diet which if done by a non-vegetarian, consists of a buttload of meat. Truth be told, the Paleo Diet can be done by vegetarians and vegans very accurately if planned well. As with any meal plan or diet, research must be synthesized and your reading on the topic should be thorough before you embark on your healthy journey. Folks from the facebook group, CrossFit Vegans and Vegetarians, discuss Paleo-Veganism thoroughly and have many members regularly posting about their completely vegan and paleolithic meals.

This all being said, while believing that the Paleo Diet principles can help achieve results, my diet is currently far from that. I include grains and legumes in my meals- but of course every meal is corpse free. My vegetarianism is for ethics purposes. The animals and the environment mean more to me than the few extra grams of protein I would get from eating chickens and turkeys. Go veg, stay strong, watch my video.

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