Thursday, April 12, 2012

Billy Prusinowski's VEGA supplements testimonial April 2012

Lori's Natural Foods  is a large health and wellness superstore in Rochester, New York that works closely with Vega wellness supplements. I wrote a testimonial about my experiences with Vega and was published in their April newsletter.

Vega is a good company that is all vegan and strictly gluten and soy-free. All of the Paleo-diet adherents can even use it! Oh my gosh! Though they probably won't since it doesn't have any beef jerky in it. Side note, I wasn't chosen this year for the position of Vega Ambassador to represent their company at my upcoming NPC Bodybuilding Competition in July, but maybe next year. 

I do want to thank my loving aunt, Marusia Marrapese, for being an expert in the areas of wholistic health and plant-based supplementation, because she got me the opportunity to give this Vega product testimonial in the first place. Visit Marusia at Lori's Natural Foods if you're ever in the area!

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