Monday, April 2, 2012


It is now April 2012. "Bulking season" is over. Almost. I am giving myself two more days to purge my cupboards of all carbohydrates and fats and consume only pure protein and water for the next 14 weeks until NPC Bodybuilding Competition on July 14th.

That is of course an exaggeration. Yes "bulking season" (when bodybuilders try to eat in excess of what they usually eat to gain size and muscle for a few months long before competition) is coming to a close for me, and "cutting season" is beginning this week. No I will not be cutting out EVERY carbohydrate nor EVERY fat from my diet. BUT, you would probably be surprised about how tight a vegetarian or vegan diet can be even while cutting carbs and fat. By tight I of course mean getting every ounce of recommended calories and nutrients (not just recommended amounts either- MUSCLE-GAINING AMOUNTS) and having lots of protein...yes even without meat!

Today's blog isn't really about cutting though. You will be seeing many more blogs about my cutting and dieting in days to come. I feel like a lot of the time I would have otherwise spent eating will instead be spent blogging! Yay for me and you :)

So, here was one of my final indulgences. My roommate, Ed Kim, was on spring break from UC Santa Cruz and visited his family in Albany. That is Albany, California, not New York (just to clarify for my homwtown friends)! His town is in close proximity to Berkeley, CA, home of Cinnaholic. Owned by a friend of a friend, this ALL VEGAN (shhhh don't tell anybody!) cinnamon roll shoppe is the best store on the face of this Earth. If I lived any closer than 85 miles away, I'd be there everyday. Since I am relatively far from realistically making this a daily, weekly, or even monthly thing, I try to get anyone coming through the East Bay Area to get me something from there. Today, Ed pulled through, and he done good!
Here's the first picture....the peanut butter and jelly roll. Check out Cinnaholic's menu to see how awesome their selections are. 

The link to the menu is right here, but do NOT click on it unless you are in bulking season. Wherever you are, this menu and Herbivore Athletics' word that these damn things are supremely delicious may just get you out of your seat, wherever you are, (I know I have readers in Australia!) and up into Berkeley, CA to get a dozen of these delicious vegan mouth-destroyers. 

I was trying to be funny about you only really clicking on that link if you are in bulking season. To tell you the truth though, I am starting to feel a little guilty for having a health and fitness blog and dedicate this entire entry to cinnamon rolls....

AHHHHH Who cares! This is about ME and MY BULKING SEASON
The roll covering my right breast (on your left) is their cookies and creme roll. Delicious. 

Ohh intense sunlight. I just wanted to make sure you saw the awesomeness of both rolls, but now looking at it the glare is just too much. Oh well. Drool while you imagine. 

So should I go back to plugging my classes? If you did, indeed, visit Cinnaholic just from reading this, then you most certainly need to get into Santa Cruz Power Fitness or Acadia Fitness  and catch up with Billy Bad Ass for some Cardio Kickboxing! Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm!
Or Billy's Boot Camps on Fridays and Saturdays!

Zhu vant to be big strong like bull, da? 

Get into it. Cinnaholics rocks. LIKE them on facebook
If you are training with me currently and we are doing a weight-loss program, DON'T GO THERE! LOL. I'll take you there to celebrate once we reach our goals :)

Yours in plant-based fitness and vegan iced-goodness, 

PS- If you eat cinnamon rolls, vegan or not, get with this if you wanna turn those calories into longevity-promoting energy and not store it all as adipose fat ;)


  1. Shoot, that looks good. The cinnamon roll. You too.

  2. Yeah this blog has the most seductive imagery I've ever submitted. Glad you're senses are aroused.