Monday, April 23, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon 2012

My first non-obstacle race. Kelly Qian, Kelsey Leonard, Billy Prusinowski THE SANTA CRUZ THREE! Please watch (and think about joining us next year)!

I now have this medal along with 2011 Tough Mudder and 2011 Warrior Dash up on my wall, literally right above where I'm sitting this very second. It's a proud thing to have medals or other souvenirs that acknowledge competitions you've participated in. I would truly encourage anyone to try amateur races of some sort if you have good cardiovascular endurance. I haven't won any of these but that's not stopping me from acting like I'm the #1 race winner/movie star. Jeez I even made a whole YouTube video about it!

For more information about signing yourself up for the next Hollywood Half Marathon, visit their site.
For more information about racing and being an entirely plant-based athlete, follow Herbivore Athletics on Twitter. 

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