Monday, May 28, 2012

Raffle for Protein Powder/VEGA Whole Food Health Optimizer has a following of vegan athletes, paleo-crossfitters, bodybuilders, weekend gym warriors, first-time exercisers, personal trainers, international animal rights enthusiasts, priests, nuns...pretty much everyone you can imagine.

A fellow herbivore athlete, Giacomo Marchese, who I now consider a friend, has been in touch with me now that I've chosen to compete in a bodybuilding competition of my own this July. (The NPC San Jose Men's Physique Competition is only 7 weeks away!) His advice is excellent...look where it's gotten him!
Giacomo Marchese
"G" established the site (more of a movement, actually) and runs it currently. He inspired me to run a raffle of one of my favorite ALL VEGAN protein products called the VEGA Whole Food Health Optimizer. This is a powder that contains 26 grams of protein along with tons of other nutrients. 

The tub that I have from to raffle is VANILLA CHAI flavor (my personal favorite) and I will be running this for two weeks for people who do things like FOLLOW HERBIVORE ATHLETICS on Twitter and LIKE my FACEBOOK STATUS about the FORKS OVER KNIVES screening on TUESDAY in Santa Cruz! The raffle is right here- please get yourself as many points as possible and have your chance at winning this VEGA Whole Food Health Optimizer!

Get you FREE tub of VEGA here

Maybe with a couple more servings of VEGA I will be as ripped as "G" (pictured above). Until then, I will be keeping up with my personal training and you can feel free to give me some of your own tips :)


  1. oh santa cruz, i how i miss you. and aptos and watsonville! i'm new to this blog, got here from mike mahler search. ill come back soon. thanks

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