Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center (TWDCC) Cardio Kickboxing Classes!

This is the new and beautiful and perfect room that Billy Bad Ass will be teaching his Monday/Wednesday Cardio Kickboxing classes in from now on. Located at 1060 River Street in Santa Cruz, California (right near where you'd drive to get to Costco) this Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center is the ideal fit for my ever-growing and ever-phenomenal class. Thanks and praises to everyone who has made Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing such a success, I can now "be my own boss" and do it in a much larger space, with much better ambiance, feeling, equipment, surroundings and potential.
I want this class to grow. I don't want anybody to stop coming. I chose the TWDCC for so many reasons, one of which being it's less than a mile from Santa Cruz Power Fitness where I've been teaching my class! Guess what- there's tons of spacious parking more having to circle around Water St. again and again just to make class!
The way I will be doing class participation will be with a pre-paid punch card, where when you come to class, you will get one of the classes you registered for "punched" or marked or whatever. There will also be an option for a drop-in fee for single classes. This money will be going to the class instructor (me!) and the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center. When you pay the fee, you are supporting the arts and the serious efforts of an instructor (yes, it's could call this tooting my own horn, but I put lots of stress and brain power into making this decision. It's to try to expand for the benefit of each of you and make this a better class by growing, attracting more people, getting everyone healthier and fitter! Plus it's my blog, if I can't say this here then where can I? :) But back to supporting the arts, look at the amazing article that the Santa Cruz Weekly just posted about us!
Front Page of the SC Weekly!

I hope Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing will be a great fit there. Between the area that it's in, the spacious hallways to hang around before/after class in, the smoothie/drink shop right next door, the couches to rest in or watch class from, the newly-finished floors, the loud and plenty bass-y stereo system, and all the gorgeous art EVERYWHERE, you will be hard-pressed to find anything not to love.  Honestly I was so apprehensive about this transition from the gym to here, I think Cat Willis (the beautiful dancer in both pictures above that runs the show at TWDCC) might have thought I didn't really want to join the Tannery Instructors team. Well, I didn't really want to leave Santa Cruz Power Fitness. They've done great things for me, but we (that means me and YOU KICKBOXERS) outgrew that space and it was time to move up. I wouldn't have just settled for any old space. This one is just perfect. You'll probably come to one class, get a juice next door afterwards, talk to all of our wonderful fellow kickboxers, not want to leave, and decide to come to the rest of the classes they have to offer :)

Check the link! Don't they all look so dope? I hope I'll be up there soon! The pictures I submitted to Cat have most of you in them. We'll all be celebs yet! All I can do to help make that a reality is keep doing my damned best at teaching these classes. It's always a privilege, I love seeing all of your faces. I know all of your names and lots of things about you...(not stalker style!! I'm just saying we've all garnered pretty amazing friendships and gotten to know each other well, I love you all- really. This is all a dream come true for me)...what I need now is your support. 

If we can jam-pack this place, people will know what's up. People will realize- THIS IS WHERE THEY SHOULD BE!! I need your support. Hey, this one's on me. I still have to pay rent on the studio...I just want you all there! Honestly, it's going to be somewhat of a spectacle. I'm even going to ask my friends who don't and won't kickbox to just come and watch. There are comfy couches to sit and there are windows all around!!
You can even come and be that sorta cool guy/gal standing outside, just walking by and "seeing what's up..."
Well, just make sure you "See What's Up" on this day:

TANNERY WDCC @ 1060 River Street, Santa Cruz

The other thing: PLEASE BRING A DIFFERENT PAIR OF SHOES! No street shoes allowed on this floor! That is the only real difference between then and now. BRING SHOES THAT WON'T KILL THIS MAGNIFICENT FLOOR. And bring water. As always :)
People, my people, PLEASE- just watch your video one more time, turn up the music, imagine what it's going to be like in a much larger room, new people, beautiful surroundings, surrounded by art, same unbeatable music, same Billy, same you, just more motivated than ever- Summer 2012, this will be the best season of your life. Please come with me. Enjoy your day folks. Enjoy this last week of classes at Santa Cruz Power Fitness: 

Monday 6/4: 6pm CKB                                        

Wednesday 6/6: 6pm CKB                                                                                       

Saturday 6/9: 3pm Flat Belly Formula Follow @HerbivoreAthlet on Twitter!


  1. awesome! love your class! look forward to the tannery! :)

    1. Grand Opening weekend details all on this page!