Monday, May 14, 2012

What Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing is all about. New video!

I made this new video to showcase my amazing kickboxers/class participants and demonstrate to the rest of the world just how truly fabulous these workouts every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm at Santa Cruz Power Fitness, really are!

I want to thank Distasteful Dave and his awesome blog (on Blogger, just like this one!) for his wonderful photography that I included tons of for this slideshow. He did this out of the kindness of his heart, and for the enjoyment of watching fit and sexy people being all athletic and awesome in front of his camera! Make sure to check out his blog right after you read the rest of this!

If you can't tell, this is quite the popular class- I'm exceptionally lucky to be teaching it. It is advertised aggressively at the gym, and every person walking through the door to my gym gets a class schedule with my class times on it. So, to all my Crossfitting Vegans and Vegetarians, to all my Vegan Bodybuilders, and straight up Vegan Aggressive Strength Motherf*ckers, I want to show off my new persona at Santa Cruz Power Fitness...

I am no longer Billy Bad'll be a proud fellow herbivore to know I'm VEGAN BILL:

Hell yeah- thousands of members get this schedule, it's also one is wanting nutrition advice when taking one, but they are getting it by just seeing the word VEGAN to describe one of their instructors! It's free advertising for the movement, it's our way of being compassionate and healthy. It's EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY AT 6PM taught by VEGAN BILL right there baby!
Oh, but I'm still "Billy Bad" evidently for my Saturday Flat Belly Formula :)
I just linked that to a past blog
 (one of my first) that I put a lot of 
work into creating, with pictures, 
video, stats, class info, everything- 
please check it out- I love my blog!)


Now some:

                                             PERSONAL NEWS FOR YOU 
I chose this picture of me, Lauren, and Rachel at our UCSC Masters Degree ceremony for two reasons: Firstly, because I'm pointing at YOU because this is news for YOU, and secondly, because it is a picture showcasing my OTHER INTERESTS/PROFESSION: Teaching. I got my Masters in Education in July 2011. I am currently working in an after school program and substitute teaching at Lakeview Middle School. 
I have decided to focus on this area of my life and really locking down a classroom of my own to teach in next academic year. Today, I gave my two-week notice to the Santa Cruz Power Fitness training department. I will no longer be doing one-on-one training there. I still have the utmost respect and adoration for that REAL GYM and my presence there will be as real as ever in these final few weeks until competition. My classes will continue as usual, and Billy's Boot Camp will continue at Acadia Fitness every Friday at 615pm! (Here \/\/\/ is what they are like)

If anyone is interested in these group exercise classes or how VEGAN BILL does it, one good step would be to follow @HerbivoreAthlet on Twitter. The next would be to head over to the Vegan Bodybuilding Forums for amazing nutrition advice. Last would be to join CrossFit for Vegans and Vegetarians on Facebook and chat about all your amazing workouts and all the lean greens you're eating! If you're one of my many readers who isn't vegetarian and wonders how an herbivore athlete gets her or his protein, an amazing fellow named Giacomo Marchese has an entire web universe dedicated to it:

Thanks for reading, please share that kickboxing video with friends and anyone that you think may be interested in coming to check out a class sometime. Have a great day. 

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  1. I like "Vegan Bill" a whole lot more! Because nobody needs to tell everyone you're "bad ass," they can just tell! And "Distasteful Dave's" pictures are cool, but who took the videos? ;)