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 I love to show Julie off because 1) She is a strict adherent to regular serious workouts and 2) She is also a strict adherent to PLANT-BASED NUTRITION. Not only that but she looks great and is a pleasure to work for. This was after a workout at Acadia Fitness in Santa Cruz this past week and she just had to talk a little about her tremendous dedication, and now is the chance for the world to see. I hope this entry gets close to 1,000 views like some of the more recent ones have. Use Julie Bogner as an example of forward-thinking and commitment to living the best life you can lead.

This is what inspired me to offer my newest version of "Billy's Boot Camp"

Here's my idea: (If you are in the Santa Cruz or Bay Area, please consider yourself invited to this upcoming Billy's Boot Camp, because it's not just an idea- it's definitely happening and SOON!)

This Friday at 6:15pm at Acadia Fitness in Santa Cruz:
We WORKOUT- We WORK HARD- 1 Full Hour: TRX, Cross Fit, MMA, High-Intensity Interval Training. If you want to come and "drop-in" it is $10, and it is the best way to start your weekend. This workout won't be any different than our usual Friday nights...but there is a twist.

After we workout from 6:15 to 7:15, we are going to add the nutrition part to our fitness regime. What personal trainers go and eat with clients? You can call me crazy, but this one does.

I have been getting tons of questions and comments about plant-based nutrition and nutrition in general. I figure that we can answer some questions and also enjoy some healthy food, all together, at the same time, by heading to a local eatery called Dharma's Restaurant and ordering some delicious dinner.

Why are we choosing Dharma's Restaurant:
1) Less then a ten minute drive from Acadia Fitness, so we will go there right after Billy's Boot Camp
2) Entirely PLANT-BASED menu
3) Lunch-Counter style, so you stand in line and pay for your own food and no one will be stuck arguing over the bill at the end of the meal!
4) I may be getting us all a $5 off coupon to use there (will try my best)

I am in no way affiliated with Dharma's Restaurant, but do appreciate their contributions to the vegetarian community and often patronize their establishment. They have free parking, public restrooms, tons of organic options, dairy and gluten-free options, and have a fun environment where even if we roll 25 deep, there will be plenty of room for us to put tables together and enjoy each other's company. 

The menu can be found here or you can just hear all the items recited by me :)
If you want recommendations for what to get, I will offer you some ideas as per what you are wanting to include in your diet and also as per your dietary restrictions. It's really just a regular restaurant, so don't be intimidated by the word "vegetarian" or "vegan" or "organic"- you will find tons of good stuff that sounds good and looks good and DAMN ME, IT SURE TASTES GOOD! I would recommend bringing $10-$15 to spend, and then a little extra if you want dessert ;) HEY, I'm not here to judge- their desserts are amazing, and if you just burned 500+ calories during Billy's Boot Camp about 20 minutes ago, then you're entitled!

So here's a recap:
FRIDAY, June 29th:
Acadia Fitness
121 Acadia Ave, Santa Cruz, CA
$10 per person
Dharma's Restaurant
4250 Capitola Rd, Capitola, CA
$check menu for prices, everyone pays their own way

Please RSVP to Billy at
If you have any questions, I will answer promptly, and we can figure it all out- would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE you come. Even if you're not a regular in my classes or a personal training client- it's just a workout and then just dinner **ALSO: You don't have to come to both! If you can't make dinner, or adversely, cannot come to the workout, that's fine! Let me know (even last minute) if you want to come to either**

Very Stok3d to jump into the realm of nutrition with you, 
Billy Bad Ass

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  1. That was a great idea Billy, what an awesome turnout. It was so cool to sit around and talk about healthy food ideas, and hear people's fitness and nutrition success stories, while EATING! It's smart that you linked eating to the workout, since that's so important in people's overall health, and I think everybody was excited about it. I'm glad you're doing more things like this in the future!