Friday, June 15, 2012

A quick entry to share my gratitude for life and good health

I just interviewed for a teaching job in an area serving primarily English Language Learners from Mexico an 8th grade Language Arts course. This job will be for the upcoming academic year, and I am crossing my fingers and counting my fortunes to hear the words, "You're Hired!" after my next meeting with the principal on Monday.

Thank you to everyone I met in my teacher training program at UC Santa Cruz last year and everyone I've met working at Lakeview Middle School this year. One person who I have a million thanks to give to is named Jennie, and I actually met her through Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing at Santa Cruz Power Fitness (when it was still held there). She has been working at this school as a 6th grade teacher and vouched for me big time with administration there. I wouldn't call it "string pulling," because I put literally 3.5 years of networking and emails and meetings and schooling into landing this job, so it certainly didn't land in my lap. 20+ applications in the past month or so, and only this one call back for an interview...these things are hard to come by. I wanted to share with everyone how appreciative I am of all the support I've gotten to carry the confidence to, evidently, have interviewed well and I think land this job. So to anyone who is on the lookout for jobs, all power to you! I wish you the absolute best of luck in your career-paths and say don't settle! I feel if you're one of the ones reading my blog, you are special in every way and deserve to do something that you love. Keep your head up (just like I have been told to do so many times these past few trying years) and you will find fortune like the kind I had today.

Jennie, lean and mean punching machine

On the subject of good fortune: 

I made a YELP site. It has been up 3 days and gotten 6 perfect reviews. Who are they all from? YOU! So, Thank You So Much. I got a phone call from Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday (my iPhone 4S tells where each area code is from) and answered hoping they were offering me a free 6 month vacation in their beautiful tourist town....but it wasn't. It was actually YELP saying, "Dude bro, your listing has gotten amazing reviews and we want to offer you advertising and search optimization that will even further help your business grow!" So I was stoked to get that. I'm sure it's a business deal, but she said they really only offer it to a few businesses who have perfect review records. 
Anyway, YELP is my new focus. I may have a website coming along, I may be doing Amazon Store to help sell some of the products that my kickboxers and I use (VEGA protein, VIBRAM toe-shoes, MAX MUSCLE nutritional supplements, etc.), but right now it's all about YELP. I think we will see some wonderful new faces if we plug away at YELP reviews. And I want honesty! If you think the class stinks and the studio stinks and I stink....let me know! (Well, if I stink, please let me know in private LOL) But your honest reviews will help us grow and keep everything positive. On the up and up, as they say. 

Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing - Santa Cruz, CA

If you were at this class...if you were in THIS PICTURE are my advertising, you are why we are such a fun and tight class. It's more than I could ever ask for.
So what I will ask for is your review. Please click on that link and review us. 
That is all for now. I am off for a run to think about our next class and my 
upcoming hopeful job. I've got some great ideas for new music.
Please share yours with me too- it's always best when
you hear that AMAZING new song you love
come on during class right about when
you're about to poop out. 

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