Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 NPC San Jose Men's Physique Bodybuilding Competition: DONE

I just made my first on-stage appearance at the 32nd EFX All-American NPC Bodybuilding Competition in San Jose, California on July 14th, 2012. It was a humbling experience, being next to some absolutely amazing guys with bodies about to lead them to magazine covers and seven-figure showbiz salaries.

Men's Physique 5'7" to 5'10" (I am fourth from the left)
Check those dudes out! The guy, Cameron, just to my right, was the overall winner and got his PRO CARD to compete in national level competitions for major winnings. I didn't place this year, but will keep honing my skill and muscles so that I can eventually rise to the top! It was a fun experience and I want to especially thank my friends for coming out to support me. Edgar, Oscar, Jessica, Jen, Melanie, Kim, Eric, Mike, Julie, Lorena, Ed, and especially Lauren. I know you guys all read this blog and I want to recognize you all for the ongoing support throughout my training and the ups and downs I've had struggling with sticking with it.

Eric, Jen, Billy, Jessica, Lauren, Kim, Mike, Oscar
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Mike, Julie, Lauren, Eric, Billy, Kim, Lorena, Jessica, Oscar

Billy and Leland representing the entire County of Santa Cruz
Leland and I lift together at Santa Cruz Power Fitness in Santa Cruz. Not too many people from that gym really follow the NPC circuit or choose to compete. Two guys who did last year decided to forego it this year, so I guess Leland and I had to walk to the walk! Not that it was easy or like anyone could do it- but I do think more people should strive to compete in some fashion. Enough guys sure walk around there acting like they are the champions of champions! Leland is the only one that can do that now though- he won his division: Men's Masters 50+ !!

Jay Cutler was talking to us competitors. He won Mr. Olympia five times!

Speaking of champions, ladies and gentlemen, Jay Cutler! This man is the most well-known bodybuilder on the planet, dwarfing even Arnold Schwarzenegger in stature AND size! Jay did not compete at this contest, but was there talking to friends and giving admonishments here and there. It was nice to see and meet him. Though, the next guy I got to meet happened to inspire me even more than Cutler did (ok, a LOT more).

Greg Plitt, a man of a thousand inspirational words
I just discovered Greg Plitt recently- merely having only recognized his face (and abs) from magazine covers and tv commercials (BowFlex, Right Guard deodorant, Under Armour) from years past. I was sitting at a post-Billy Bad Ass Cardio Kickboxing gathering and we all passed around a YouTube video of this man doing incredible physical feats. Turns out it was Greg Plitt, model and actor, who has been credited with motivating and inspiring people facing all kinds of trials and tribulations in their lives.

" Working out in the gym isn't as much a transformation of your physical body as it is a transformation of your mental confidence. " 

If you need any further inspiration for your day or to help you achieve your goals:

I will be there one day! With this kind of support, who wouldn't? I really love you guys. Thanks again for all the support from start to finish.

Team Billy Bad Ass