Saturday, September 1, 2012

Competition Pics &

July 14th, 2012
San Jose Fit Expo
NPC Men's Physique Championship
Preparing to step on stage for my first time ever
Only the second year Men's Physique has been a division in
the NPC Bodybuilding Committee. Still not quite sure
exactly what we're supposed to be doing!
Just tried to get out there and have the best time we could.
Or at least overcompensate by smiling a ton.
The guy just behind me took 1st place!

Billy Prusinowski
13th place NPC Men's Physique 2012

Really grateful for everyone who showed me any support throughout my mental preparation and training for this. 12 weeks of competition dieting really made me miserable and sick. Thanks for sticking by and keeping me motivated. I didn't eat any meat for protein, and I didn't eat any cheese for comfort. Herbivore athletic training all day, erryday. Here is my feature on a great website called Vegan


  1. not for nothing, you've still got that pani roma posture goin for you. though i'm surprised the hand on your hip isn't in a fist.

    1. Aww Anna! Haha you rock! Yeah, Pani Roma was my coach throughout all this. Arnold Schwarzenegger was most other people's!

  2. Nice one. Great to see more vegans hitting the contest stage :-).

    Pete Ryan