Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vegan Protein Recipe and Flat Belly Tips

You can find more vegan food ideas and information on my YouTube channel! Along with these videos gaining in popularity, Billy Bad Ass Flat Belly Tips are also gaining in popularity! Every week I get a request for more "workout tips." Well, I had a project in February called the Flat Belly Formula, which included meal-planning, phone-coaching and twice-a-week workouts with yours truly at Santa Cruz Power Fitness. Some of the ideas I championed throughout the Flat Belly Formula were put in print to save for future clients and inquirers. If you are on my email list, then you have been getting these EVERY SUNDAY. If you are not on the list and would like to be, please email for a subscription to an AWESOME compilation of fitness media, links to professional resources and fitness recommendations from Billy Bad Ass. From today and onward, I will start to repeat the Flat Belly Tips here on my Herbivore Athletics blog. Once a week or so, you will get one right here on the main page. Ready for your first one? This was created late spring of this year to help people start shredding up for summer. But the rules still apply and you can do this ANYTIME.

 Directions: Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you usually do! This is the hardest part! When your alarm clock goes off at 6:15am and you're wishing you could hit snooze 3 times and get up at the usual 6:45...PICK YOUR A** UP! Swing your legs over the side of your bed, strap some shoes on and get outside. 20 minutes of AM cardio (brisk walking, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming) before you eat your first meal will spike your metabolism for hours. Immediately after this morning exercise, eat something. Whole foods are best, but whatever it is, don't skip breakfast! You are breaking your fast that you were in overnight. When you sleep, your body's metabolism drops like a ton of bricks. Foods eaten late at night barely digest and get stored as fat, and when you wake up, your metabolism needs a kick in the pants to get you going. Best practice for morning cardio: Pace your exercise in the "fat-burning heart rate" zone. What this is is 65% - 75% of your MHR (Maximal Heart Rate). Do you know what your MHR is? You have two choices here: A) Take 5 minutes and use your math skills on this site or B) just jog at a pace where you work up a light sweat; you should not be out of breath or sore afterwards- choose a pace slightly faster than half-speed and maintain that for the duration of your morning cardio. Different counsels recommend this for different numbers of days a week. I would say start with 3. Monday Wednesday Friday? Are you driven? Start tomorrow! Make it a simple walk if you've never done this before. Start small, start slow- progress is made one step at a time. Literally! Being outside and getting some fresh Santa Cruz ocean air in your lungs will elevate your mood and likely improve respiration too! There is a lot to gain from this, nothing to lose (except that extra 6.2 pounds)!

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  1. Cool blog, Billy! I have an awesome lentil mushroom burger recipe to share with ya :)