Sunday, October 14, 2012

Syracuse Hardcore Legends Workout Out In Santa Cruz

XBilly PruzX and Adam Barton
Not that I was anyone special in the Syracuse Hardcore Scene (group of kids that went to punk and hardcore band concerts throughout the 90's and 2000's), but I put my fair share into going to shows and supporting bands and doing animal rights outreach at a variety of events from 2000 to 2009. Adam Barton, on the other hand, has a legacy of tattooing-greatness that has spread across the continental U.S. and on into other tattoo cultures overseas. I know dozens of people that have had Barton-inspired tattoos inked on them along with people who wish to one day have the same permanently placed on their bodies. I, for one, do not have any tattoos, but have utmost respect for those who chose to display beautiful art on their bodies in a mindful way. Lots of tattoos suck! But I think these here are pretty great.
Some of Adam's Past Tattoos

Adding Some Color To Someone's Life/Leg

Skulls are everywhere....AWESOME SKULLS are few and far between
That's all for today. I just wanted to share with you all the excitement that I feel when I meet somebody fascinating (and famous, in my OPP) while working out. Check out more of Adam's work at Adam Barton Tattoo or visit him at O'Reillys Tattoo in Santa Cruz!

...If you're just as interested in Billy Pruz as you are Adam Barton, you can check out Billy Prusinowski's Herbivore Athletics website here also :)

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