Thursday, November 1, 2012

My new business crew HERBIVORE ATHLETICS 2012!

I am very excited to be building my own team. Aside from my constant support from class participants and clients, I have actual employees now. They aren't like, live and breathe for Herbivore Athletics, but they do work for me that is very necessary for this business to operate smoothly, and they get paid for it, and everything is awesome because of it.

My team basically consists of Audrey McDonald, Emi Tabb, and Mike Flemming. I also have business consultants, but they aren't employees, just knowledgeable gentlemen doing favors for younguns (me).
Billy, Mike, Emi at Verve 

Also, I will be updating more about my Beachbody coaching, which Audrey McDonald is getting me on the path to success with. Audrey is a fit coach that has had some amazing results with this program, so I've decided to become a coach also in order to better help people achieve their goals.
Coach Audrey

I think it's impressive when somebody makes before and after pics with real results. Not many people confidently take the BEFORE pic, assuming that they're going to have dramatic results. I did one too. I guess I'll show it off here. Wow this blog has gotten very off topic!
I suck at editing pictures, but am pretty good at editing body fat, eh? Eh?!

More about Beachbody soon. More action from my team soon. Thanks Emi and Mike for the hard work tonight. See you all soon.
Yours In Fitness, 

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