Friday, November 21, 2014

Buffalo Snow- My Collection of Pictures

I moved to California in October 2009 to open up some new opportunities for myself. The West Coast is the Best Coast and one of the reasons this is true is because of the sunny days, year throughout. Now, I do enjoy snow; trips home for the December holidays are a custom and the week or two at home with snow on the ground is thrilling.


Who the hell has ever heard of this? Unless it's because of snow-covered roads causing auto-accidents, deaths are very unusual in any discussion of mere snowfall. So what the heck is going on in Buffalo? Maybe some Buffalo residents can read this and comment about their experience. (hopefully you're OK)

The news stories from NBC tell a harrowing tale of Western NY residents as they cope with 8 feet of snow around (and even inside) their homes.

The death toll from the epic snowstorm this week climbed by three on Friday to 13. That included two elderly residents of a nursing home in the town of Cheektowaga died during an evacuation on Thursday when the roof began buckling. 
At least 30 building collapses were reported overnight, mostly farm buildings and flat-roof structures, and authorities said they expected more as they made their way around after sunrise. The storm dumped more than 7 feet of snow in some places. 
“It’s getting heavier,” Thomas Mudd Jr. of Cheektowaga told The Associated Press as he and his wife shoveled 4 to 5 feet of snow off their roof. “It’s supposed to warm up and we're supposed to get rain on the weekend, which will make it even heavier. So I didn't want my roof collapsing.

A few flakes fell atop this guy's head and shoulders, but no damage done to anyone in Syracuse luckily. These next few images have been collected over the years, the top being most recent and longer and longer ago as we go down.

The Vegan Straight Edge Anti-War Mobile. My car 2006-2009.
Snow and Piano. You don't see these together everyday.

Love within one's heart is much stronger than forced political obedience.
This image has been traveling around the web via email.
Pretty epic.

Lastly, to go with this blog's theme of Herbivore Athletics, we feature two skiers who
clearly give their ALL to win this race. Cross-country skiing is the best cardio-vascular
exercise for humans. Great sport...can only be done in snow. Maybe Buffalo's ski
sales will go up in the coming days. Let's look at the cup as half-full!

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