Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 2014 News (Billy Prusinowski's and The World's)

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How do people build their blogs without selling out? No I won't pump your crappy supplements and say I've used them to attain my physique when I really haven't. Actually, I took your product, it contributed to my seizure disorder and I built no muscle because of it.

No I won't post naked pictures.

No I won't do that #sfs crap on my Instagram or other cheap tricks to get followers that don't know how to read anyway.

Maybe I'll just add topics that some people are actually searching for online like Adrian Peterson (NFL's favorite child abuser), Ray Rice (NFL's favorite domestic partner abuser), Roger Goddell (NFL's lover of child abusers and domestic partner abusers.

What I do like about blogging like this is that when I tag names like I just did, search engines are more likely to direct searches for those names to the articles that I just linked them too. (If you haven't clicked on them, FYI I linked them all to sites condemning their behavior. Not bullshit like F*X News) And you'll notice me not actually spelling out the name of that news station, nor talking about it because that will, in turn, make them higher in search engine results, which really no one wants. Even the fuckers that think they do want that, I am helping save their lives. The frail, back country hicks and hickettes all airbrushed and poised to look like news-authorities are worse than ever in 2014 and spreading hatred faster than Ebola to their viewers. 

While you are not watching that crap, I would like to suggest watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I in two days when it comes out in theaters. This movie has a major revolutionary undertone that is helping to teach the world to not just distrust authority, but to see the corruption and evil behind much of it. Even the salute from The Hunger Games is now being used in the real world much as it was used in the movie.

Thai Students Protest Government
Five student protestors were arrested in Thailand today for holding up the three-fingered “Mockingjay” salute, which opponents to the country’s military junta have adopted from The Hunger Games as a symbol of their resistance.

I hope this sign catches on in student protest movements. It is always heart-wrenching when you see it in the film! Allison Dunham and I will be there hooting and hollering in the Santa Cruz Regal 9 with our own hands up in the mockingjay salute with Katniss and Peeta baby!

Black Masks remind me of the good ol' days. Go SEAC!

Good thing we can actually make it to the movie theaters in Santa Cruz. I just spent a weekend in the frozen tundra of Upstate NY. Have you heard about their insane snowfall? Coming off the plane from California, a few tourist-style snow selfies were taken, but that hardly describes the half of it.

Billy Prusinowski from Syracuse
The snow in Syracuse was epic. It ended up with is in a car wreck on an icy bridge, but I digress. The snow just a few hours west in Buffalo, NY is absolutely insane. Here are some of the pictures of yesterday and today's snowfall that caused fatalities! I've never even heard of that having grown up in Syracuse for the first 22 years of my life.

More about the 70 inches of snow in this news story

Most of the time, killer snowfall stories are worth a laugh or two. Folks from warm weather areas are hit with an inch and act like it's the end of the world. Well, when Buffalo or Syracuse or even further upstate make a cry for help, it has to be Syracuse. These residents deal with way over 100 inches of snow every winter, so anything less than a total snow onslaught wouldn't even get media attention. This, my friends, is serious. So while we keep Buffalo in our thoughts, let's let the important part of our mind wander back to the Hunger Games and our star, Katniss Lawrence. I mean, Jennifer Lawrence. Thanks for being one of us and taking nudes on your phone. We do the same, but don't caught up in the iCould nude selfie scandals like you did. Sorry about your privacy, thanks for all of the "activity" that's resulted from it ;)

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