Thursday, March 22, 2012

BRAND NEW Powerlifting video clip, UPDATES on Hollywood Half-Marathon and NPC 2012

I have put off making a serious blog effort for the past few weeks not due to lack of content, but lack of time. Training simultaneously for the April 7th Hollywood Half-Marathon and the July 14th NPC Men's Physique Class Bodybuilding Championships has kept me in the gym/on the running path almost everyday. In doing so, I have been very visible to members of the Santa Cruz, California fitness community and new members at Santa Cruz Power Fitness, and have taken on several new clients for personal training and group exercise.

Today I was lucky enough to be able to train WHILE training a client. Julie, who stars in this video from my February blogs, had a surprise in store for her today for her noon workout. The surprise was that I was going to have her do MY workout: MASS PHASE III Legs day (Squats, Leg Press, Sprints). It was an intense workout for us both (using our own respective weights) and I decided to dig up some footage from over a month ago and turn it into a little powerlifting clip of me doing my 1 Rep Max of High-Back Squats.

My strength training is going very well. I desire not to be looking like the third fella in. Sights set on this July 14th date. NPC San Jose 2012 Santa Clara Convention Center I'm hearing as far as the location goes, not much more detail available though. Next week I will begin to start my cutting phase. A good friend and fitness professional in Portland, Oregon, Ed Bauer, spent close to an hour on the phone with me last night telling me about his bodybuilding experiences in recent years. He is now a dedicated Cross Fitter and currently competing in the Cross Fit Opens in his state of Oregon. I trust what he says, and have a long list of tips, tricks and truths that he shared with me about this final 12 weeks of prep before a bodybuilding competition. 

This guy has his own gym (or box) in Portland, called Plant Fit Training Studio. He is a Cross Fit Level 1 Certified trainer, who has put me through one of his fine workouts in this past year. Everything in Cross Fit is done scientifically, with the goal being to "increase one's work capacity over broad time and modal range." I have frequent discussions on this topic in a rapidly growing facebook forum called Cross Fit Vegans and Vegetarians

If the above video of me powerlifting didn't get you IN THE ZONE, check out Ed Bauer's latest of him crossfitting right here: 

Aside from these plant-based BEASTS in training fellow trainers and I are still trying to make our videos widely-viewed. Latest from CrockerCreations was my good friend, Mia Azzaro's trainer profile, which can be viewed HERE, as long as you are sure to click on the stud to her right immediately after you watch hers! Have a phenomenal and compassionate day, my friends and fellow athletes. 

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